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How to add a logo to Salesforce Application?


How to add a logo to Salesforce Application?

A logo in salesforce can only be added to a custom application and not on a standard application.


  1. Upload logo on salesforce

Click on + sign on the tab bar . Refer image for the sign.

Upload logo on salesforce

Select documents tab > Click on new in Recent Document Section

Fill out the details such as Document Name , Document Unique Name, select checkbox adjacent to Externally Available Image and upload your logo image.

Consider this requirement when uploading image:
• The image must be in GIF or JPEG format and less than 20 KB in size.
• If the image is larger than 300 pixels wide by 55 pixels high, then it will be scaled to fit.
• For the best on-screen display, it is recommend to use an image with a transparent background.
Upload logo on salesforce 2

  1. Add uploaded logo to the application

Go to Setup > Create > Apps > click on the app name > click Edit >>Choose the Image Source for the Custom App Logo

Add uploaded logo to the application

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