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Assigning and Selecting Price Books


Assigning and Selecting Price Books

When is a single price book appropriate?

At least one price book must be configured and active in order to add products to either an opportunity or a quote.

When are multiple price books appropriate?

The use of multiple price books will allow organizations to price products independently for different groups of customers.

How can you determine which price books are assigned to a user?

By default, the org-wide default setting for price book is “Use”.  This means that any user with read access to both the “Product” and “Price Book” object will be able to select any active price book.

Organization wide defaults

How can I restrict visibility/use to certain price books?

1. Set the org-wide default for price book to “View Only” or “No Access”.

2. Share each individual price book with the appropriate role, group, and users.

Price book details

How are price books selected?

If only a single price book is active, or the user only has “Use” permissions to a single price book, then that price book is automatically selected.

If the user has “Use” access to more than one active price book, then they must manually select the price book prior to adding products to an opportunity or a quote.

Important Note:

  • The products object does not use the standard record sharing model.  Access to manipulate products is controlled by object-level security (profile & permission sets).

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