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Custom Component Markup


Custom Component Markup

All markup for a custom component is defined within an <apex:component> tag. This tag must be the top-level tag in a custom component definition

For a more complex example, you could use a custom component to create a form that is used across multiple Visualforce pages. Create a new custom component named recordDisplay and copy the following code:


Notice that the markup can be a combination of Visualforce and HTML tags, just like other Visualforce pages.


<apex:component controller=”Account”>

    <apex:attribute name=”record” description=”The type of record we are viewing.”

                    type=”Object” required=”true”/>

    <apex:pageBlock title=”Viewing {!record}”>  

        <apex:detail />




Next, create a page called displayRecords and use the following code:


<apex:page StandardController=”Account”>

  <c:recordDisplay record=”Account” />



Output of the above code is as follows:



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