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Dos and Donts in Office


Dos and Donts in Office

Some Office ‘Do’s and Don’ts’

1. Don’t lean back in your chair. Keep all legs on the floor so that you do not end up on the floor. Take time to reach out and hold on to the chair as you sit down. Be sure that the chair is beneath you as you sit.

2. Keep the floor and walkway clear of electrical, telephone and computer cables, boxes, etc. They are tripping hazards waiting to happen.

3. Close one drawer in a filing cabinet before opening another. This prevents the file cabinet from tipping over on you.

4. Close the drawer in your desk before getting up and close file drawers before walking away from the file cabinet. This prevents the danger of people walking into an open file drawer or desk drawer.

5. Store supplies inside cabinets, not on top of them. Store heavy items in lower drawers or on low shelves.

6. Watch out for slippery surfaces. Spilled drinks or water from umbrellas are typical hazards and need to be cleaned up/or identified immediately .

7. Look where you are going. Don’t block your view by carrying loads higher than eye level.

8. Don’t read while walking. It doesn’t save enough time to justify the risk.

9. Walk, do not run. Please slow down.

10. Don’t climb on chairs, desks or boxes. Use a step ladder instead.

11. Hold onto handrails when using stairways.

12. Use elevators when carrying boxes if they are available.

13. Don’t throw matches, ashes or cigarette butts into wastebaskets. If the building has been designated as a smoke free building – DO NOT smoke in the building.

14. Don’t overload wall sockets and extension cords.

15. Don’t touch electrical switches, sockets, plugs, etc with wet hands.

16. Don’t eat or drink at a computer station. It could result in malfunction of the computer and void the warranty.

17. Watch for unsafe conditions such as defective equipment, burned out lights, loose steps, torn carpet, etc and report them to your supervisor immediately.

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