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Life Lessons


Life Lessons

      “Life is a journey and it could be understood only backwards;

                                but it must be lived forward.”



Your habits shape your life. Choose them carefully


This has been the best learning for me. We usually do not think about things, we do repeatedly in our daily life. And most of us do not realize that most of things which we do everyday actually become our habit. These everyday activities are sometimes good and sometimes bad. All of them actually become habit one day whether you know it or not. While good habits will shape your future in positive ways, where bad habits will bring you harm from multiple dimensions. Choose your habits carefully. Support good habits. Fight bad habits if you already got them.

The best way to determine if a habit is good or bad is very simple, an honest analysis by you only. Take a pen and paper, list down things you do everyday. Analyze them and their long time effects. Choose what’s good for you and what is not. Make a bold decision and take the control on these things.

In start you will find that it is very very difficult to change a habit. Here, I got a advice for you. If I remember it correctly, it is from “You can win” by Shiv Khera. I  do not remember the exact words, but I remember the intent.

“If you want to control your everyday bad habits, just delay them as much as you can. Soon they will not be there.”

E.g. if you have a bad habit of smoking, try to delay the for 1 hour then 2 hour or more, depending on your regular timings. Then increase this delay even more. Sooner you will find that you can avoid it for many days. You actually got your control back. Fight is easier from here.

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