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Marketing & Social Media

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Marketing & Social Media

Do you Know Social Media is the number one daily activity in Americans and in youth of maximum countries topping the time spent on Google and email.

According to fast company 90 percent of marketers use social media to reach out every individuals mind to promote and gave an impression of their project ,social media is big and getting bigger day by day and it is emerging as the most economic and progressive platform for marketing any product whether it is services or any product available in physical form ,you can find several advertisements displaying on your facebook page  each and every time you open it mostly like on-line shopping offers luring you to have their project at most economical price.

As we are of Mark Zuckerberg’s generation everyone is addicted of social media ,you may not open your email but you will surely check your watsApp and facebook .This addiction is emerging as a great weapon for marketers who use to go ever doorstep for the promotion of their project but now days there life has changed thanks to social media.

In recent time we all have seen how social media marketing made Anna hazare’s Lokpal movment a nationwide movement within days and Mr. Narendra Modi reached each and every individual through there facebook and tweeter and became so popular among the youth that’s the magic social media marketing can do.

Social media marketing changed the approach of marketers and now whether it is a small company a big giant like Flipkart or Snapdeal or any individual entrepreneur everyone is reaching to their prospects through social media and converting those prospects into their clients and this habit will grow day by day .

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