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Metadata driven Selenium Framework to Test Config & Dev


Metadata driven Selenium Framework to Test Config & Dev

About 6 months back a colleague at my current employment, showed a generic testing framework that was built in UTF and showed me how she could build automated test scripts for point and click kind of web applications. How she can build test cases for web forms through simply adding steps to an xls sheet without touching UTF code. That was so exciting.

Taking a clue from it, I wanted to build a testing framework for applications using Selenium WebDriver, that:

  1. Should let me add Libraries for various test scripts for standard components like profiles, roles, sales processes – Incremental development
  2. Modifying these test scripts should be through xls sheets
  3. Running these test cases should be controlled through simple xls sheets

In a nutshell a admin or BA should be able to record customization in an xls sheet and the testing framework (developed in Selenium WebDriver) should be able to convert that into a test script and be able to test app, without any modification / changes to Selenium WebDriver code.

Following is the architecture for this framework.

Architecture framework

So this is how the framework would work.

  1. Framework will look into the Orgs (Salesforce.comorg) Meta Data to pick up which Orgs to be tested and build a queue for the same.


Architecture framework

2.Once this queue is build, then we read through “Test Cases list and action Meta Data”. Based on this information our framework will pick up test case specific Meta Data (That would include the steps to test and sample data to test).

Architecture framework


        3.Once we are ready with this information, our framework converts it into Selenium automated test scripts and test our app across the scheduled orgs for regression or for new / enhanced functionality.

Test case meta data


Salenium Webdrive


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