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Mobile app playing an important role in HealthCare industry


Mobile app playing an important role in HealthCare industry

The Popular use of mobile technologies is giving new and innovative ways to improve health and health care delivery. Moreover, it is important to be in the leading edge of your industry to push yourself as a professional and offer the best possible services to your patients, staff and partners. The entire health care industry is now filled with conveniences with the introduction of new technology that targets to upgrade the way and the process the medical professionals connect with the patients, the communication among the medical community and the way treatment is applied to the patients.

Mobile apps can help people to manage their wellness of their health, promote healthy living and access on whatever is required when and where they need it. According, to industry survey estimate, around 500 million worldwide people is going to use healthcare mobile app by 2015 and by 2018 , more than 50% of 3.4 billion smart phone and tablet users will be are downloading healthcare mobile apps.Of these users mostly will be professionals, consumers and patients.

Healthcare Mobile app can be of different sector of medical world. Some of the popular healthcare mobile app categories are:

  1. Nursing.
  2. Personal Care.
  3. Patient education.
  4. Reference App.
  5. Medical education app.
  6. Healthcare business management.
  7. EMR and Patient monitoring.

Here are some of the category wise app features that an app can provide to upgrade the healthcare industry:


Nursing is a tremendous challenging and rewarding job. Ever expanding mobile technology has benefitted the nursing student and professional nurses at any career stage. Apps can be made specifically keeping in mind the basic needs of nurse. It can offer vast anatomy knowledge, comprehensive disease, drug and test information that nurses need every day. Mobile app can also give you access to various guide like drug’s guide, medical guide, diseases and disorders guide , nursing journals and more. Mobile app is kind of a strength which can not only throw you knowledge but can identify pills ,drug interaction checker, pediatric drug dosage and give you medical updates. The flash cards and quiz make it easy to edge your skill anywhere, anytime.

Personal Healthcare

Mobile technology has made many dull aspects of life easier and interesting, from playing games to scheduling plans and from testing knowledge to gaining knowledge. So, for all good of human, there is revolutionary personal healthcare mobile app. Do You still try to remember your medical needs by keeping your prescription, medical bills or writing here & there to keep yourself reminded ?? Stop wasting time and paper just be your own with healthcare mobile app that not only play the role of a database but also your care taker. Some of the benefits that your personal healthcare app can provide you are:

  1. Input everything related to medical –dental, optometry, orthopedics, visits & more, ranging from glucose level to programming reminders of expiry of your prescription.
  2. Patients with diabetes, blood pressure can already use smartphones app to monitor the level of sugar , pressure in their blood.
  3. Apps can also send real-time readings of electrocardiographs to your doctor, and apps that access vital signs for use in emergency cardiac care.
  4. Provide tools to keep track of your health information.
  5. Provide access to information related health and treatment.
  6. Enable patients or providers to interact with Personal Health Records (PHR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.
  7. Get information of medication detail such as patient friendly consumer level, visual images etc.
  8. Identify and locate in- and out-of-network facilities, including hospitals, urgent care, and pharmacies, based on locations and ratings and much more.
  9. Manage plans for individual and all family members.
  10. Manage contact information, privacy consent.

Doctors App.

Doctors are also not lagging behind in leveraging the benefits of mobile apps. They also in-corporating mobile apps in their practices to be more effective and efficient.

  1. Lets doctors use interactive diagrams to show patients what’s happening with their bodies, where procedures will be done, and exactly what will happen during different procedures.
  2. There are also apps which can help doctors to understand people, who do not understand English.
  3. Doctors can guide their patient by sending important information, educational material,which can be accessed by the patients anywhere, anytime.
  4. It can also help a doctor to track a patient.

Students app

Your healthcare mobile app can include this feature i.e. extensive news and research information on different specialties of medical field.This app can be beneficial for normal people to practicing physician to medical student or whoever want to gain more knowledge about medical field. Your app can be one of the best solution to consume medical knowledge on a mobile due to simple and booming user experience, adjacent with vast information in the database from which user can retrieve whatever and whenever they require.

Health organization app

A mobile app for health organization now is one of the essential tool to manage the work from tip to toe. As through app the streamline can flow from admin of the organization to doctors, nurses to patients.

  1. Mobile app can be your managing tool.
  2. It can help your patients to be more comfortable and stay connected to.
  3. Send all required information to patients and members of the organization.
  4. Plan Manager:Enable your member to manage conveniently their health plan from their device of choice.Health plan manager is beneficial for everyone from organization to a patient or a doctor.
  5. Click to call directly for claim and account questions.
  6. Display custom-branded ID cards with the ability to email or fax.

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