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Mobile Apps for Logistics


Mobile Apps for Logistics

Mobile Apps for Logistics

Online applications for mobile devices are emerging in ways that can finally close or reduce many of the information gaps in the supply chain between transportation planning, the shipping/receiving dock, customers, and even accounts payable. These mobile applications are enabling shippers to interface directly and more effectively with logistic partners; access logistics information in non-traditional business settings; and enhance communications where access to a computer is not readily available.

Some of the challenges that are faced by a logistic company:

  • Tracking of shipments in real-time
  • Proof of delivery tracking
  • Tracking of field employee productivity
  • Operational excellence in hubs
  • Enhancement of revenue realization and better customer satisfaction through accuracy in weight and dimension measurements, and fee calculation.

Mobile application can customize the form so that all the necessary information is kept for any delivery or freight driver. Made perfect for both private company fleets and freight companies, this will make the lives easier for the drivers and the vehicle inspectors and ultimately satisfies the customers. Apps may include tracking for driver information, hours of work, mileage, pre-inspection, post-inspection, and delivery details. Every little detail that is involved with the logistics of delivery can be incorporated into this application. Because the driver is required to sign off on the inspection of the entire truck, this is an inexpensive way to maintain the integrity of goods and company assets.

Packaging track
Package Track form in mobile app allows you to record carrier information, tracking, and who a package was delivered to.

Delivery confirmation
A simple product delivery confirmation with customer digital signature and GPS location capture. This app can be easily customized to meet your delivery company’s requirements. It can even forward copies of the invoice to the client and office, all from a SmartPhone.

Vehicle Mileage and fuel expense
It allows users to select the purpose of the trip and it calculates the expense amount, based on the company’s reimbursable rate. It also can be used for tracking purposes that are required for taxes. Fuel/gas charges can also be added as part of the expense report. The report can then be submitted to finance or any third party for approval.

Estimate your repair work
Mobile app gives a detailed estimate of cost for automotive service and repair work. The app includes contact information, vehicle and insurance information and an itemized list of expected parts and labor costs. Your app also calculates totals for each type of cost (parts, labor, refinish and sublet), other fees, subtotal and tax, and a grand total. It provides an appropriate disclaimer and captures a signature. This app can be custom made to meet your auto shops needs.

Shipment track
App can allow your customers to track airfreight, ocean freight and brokerage shipments but also includes a six month shipping history

Bill of lading
Bill of lading mobile app for shippers and carriers,is an essential document.Mobile app bill of lading can help you to send your products to the nearest spot or more than 1000miles away.It includes contact information for shipper,recipient,third party billing,carrier and itemized lists for both customer’s order & the carriers’s tracking information.Also various places for information on loading and billing.

All Real time work
Once booked on a load, carriers can interface through the Mobile application to provide pickup and delivery status updates. In addition to finding out immediately if carriers can accept their loads, shippers can gain greater visibility to in-transit inventory status from pickup to delivery. It’s a win-win situation, as carriers are able to respond to tender requests in real time, and shippers can provide enhanced communications to customers for improved service—resulting in fewer calls from customers asking where shipments are.

Track your location
Mobile app can also be track locater for the truck driver, Transporting managers. With addition to showing you the track it can also provide you

  • Take the picture of the location and make notes to remember.
  • Store the latitude and longitude of the location for the future use.
  • Direction map for tagged location from present location.

Review block
Process worker can give their feedback about shipping and receiving appointments, trailer assignments, and in-gate/out-gate dates and times.

When it comes down to, supply chain and transportation optimization and management systems are only as good as the timeliness and accuracy of information delivered to the right place at the right time. Mobile apps for phones and tablet PC’s now available and in development offer supply chain management the next opportunity to leap forward.

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