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The Home Page having a Component “Apex Batch Monitor”, which shows your running Batch Jobs as per their scheduled time with very attractive Progress Bar and its Status Message.This app provides a handy and easy look at your Scheduled Apex Jobs Progress.

This is the awesome app to calculate your EMI just by entering the Loan Amout,RPA,Term.

This is cool and handy app to update Opportunity Stage with One Click as well as It shows Current Stage in truly attractive way and all available stages of opportunity on top of your Detail page with different color codes.

Now get the calculator on your platform itself. No need to switch to system calculator everytime for minor calculations.

There are cases where Data Entry person enters data without taking care of capitalization of fields. e.g. Name fields should automatically be camel capital – Acme Solutions.

This application enables you to download attachments as zip. This made downloading much more easier. Downloading multiple files on go that even as a single zip file makes work more easier.

This app will provide you a feature of adding an attachments by simply Drag & Dropping in the area provided by the app, and these files will get attached automatically under that particular record.

TA campaign is an outbound marketing project that you want to plan, manage, and track within Salesforce. This app provides an ability to create campaign,add members into it or send mass email to campaign members.

This app is having a Home Page Component “Debug Log”, which will be available on each tab in left narrow panel that shows you latest debug logs with Success and Failure flags, only once you have to start monitoring by clicking on the link in it.

This app will allow you to maintain automatic Scoring points for Lead & Opportunity based on the Criteria you set for the particular object. As well as you can calculate total scoring for all the records i.e. all Lead or all Opportunity or both.

Lead Status History app track the Time Spent on each Status for a particular lead, So that we get to know easily for how much time our Lead was in “Open – Not Contacted” or “Working-Contacted”,etc.Awesome and Ease Lead Status History Tracking App.

Attachment are one of the biggest consumers of your data storage on Salesforce & as the time pass you may want to delete old attachment.This application provides ability to search quickly & pagination attachments & mass delete attachments in single click.

This is Home Component of Chatter Public Group which will work like your Message Board or Notice Board or Daily Thoughts among your colleague, team mates and Customers or Users.Post New Feed, View Latest with no of Comments & Likes.

This application gives privilege to upload photo for account, contact and lead object.It makes simple and more easier to identify records. It makes record look more richer and exact. It is more faster than any other uploader.

The PTO Manager System allows you to manage employee’s Paid Time Off. This application keeps track of all employee’s allotted hours and remaining hours. At any glance HR or any authorized person can analyze PTO details of employee.

This app will provide you Easy Task Handling feature under one tab, Click on Tab “Task Handler” and you have list of all Tasks in the Org, You can easily perform Mass Delete, Mass Mark Complete and Mass Change Owner operations with just one click.

When you want to identify your opportunity & case by doing Signature on its detail page, This Free application is useful to do this kind of Activities.By this you can draw your signature & captures it as an image on detail page.

This is very attractive and information app which will show Count Down Timer for each Tasks where color codes are provided according to the priority and Task Due Date.
Green, Red & Yellow Color Count down Timers explain Tasks is Expired,Due Today,etc.