Salesforce Field Service Lightning | Guide | Techila Global Services
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One of the principle reasons why an organization does not associate with its customers is on account of it doesn’t accumulate and use client data to pick up bits of knowledge and to dispatch client engagement procedures in like manner. For connecting with customers effectively, organizations need to put the customers at the center of their business.
Salesforce Lightning is a platform where an organization can investigate creative courses for associating with customers. The experience of each client is customized to reply to their requirements and to see the organization as giving them abundantly. Starting with uncovering bits of knowledge about your client engagement, Salesforce Lightning is an entire bundle to restore and to dispatch an athletic client engagement program.


1. Lightning Components: Quick App-Building

  • You don’t have to fabricate an application from the scratch.
  • Utilizing the Lightning Components, engineers or AppExchange partners can fabricate the establishment of your application which you can tweak to suit your organization’s needs.

2. Lightning Ecosystem

  • Lightning Ecosystem is a whole structure of tools and strategies to construct your application with high functionality.
  • Lightning Ecosystem permits the option of not bargaining on the nature of your app.
  • Makes an enhancing customer experience and henceforth increments customer engagement.

3. Lightning Platform

  • Lightning Platform has drag-and-drop (D&D) library with adaptable parts.
  • With the assistance of Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component Framework, Standard and Custom Components can be organized along with AppExchange components to create the apps quick as possible.