Salesforce Property Management | Salesforce for Real Estate
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Salesforce Property Management


Salesforce for REAL ESTATE

Tenants and clients today are mobile, social, and connected, and they anticipate responsive 1:1 connections. Salesforce Property Management is intended for property managers, developers, and investors who look forward to automate their association with tenants and clients.

Salesforce Property Management has powerful tools to remain associated with clients and tenants continuously, support further connections, track key data about business and residential properties, including occupancy rates,essential tenants, and revenue and take your productivity, and business growth, to the next level.

Techila Global Services is the pioneer in offering Salesforce for Property Management, a solution tweaked for the GCC and based on the world’s #1 CRM stage,, permitting your group to associate with their clients in a radical new manner.

Lease Management

Keep up a solid association with tenants and clients with coverage of all perspectives of their tenure contracts, units, and other data. Monitor client communications and renting administrator’s exercises and work status continuously.

  • Keep track of tenancy contracts.
  • Full inventory administration by unit, floor, building, and any chain of command.
  • Capture and oversee client demands.
  • Track well ordered activities in light of inner and outer SLAs.
  • Notifying clients.

Receivables Management

Never miss an installment due with the Receivables Management Module. Create invoices and also track installments in light of predetermined or individual tailored installment plans.

  • compute installments all through the client lifecycle automatically.
  • Track installments and overdue progressively and Generate invoices.
  • Send clients automated payment notifications.

Sales and Marketing

Regardless of whether it is property deals or renting, Salesforce for Property Management permits you to make rich client profiles.
Moreover, it allows catching and tracking prospects through the Sales cycle. Get to alarms, allot work and collaborate together with colleagues all from the Salesforce platform. Followed by the point that we can sustain further connections by remaining in contact with proactive tracking and occasion alerts that remind you to connect when clients require you most.

  • Full client profile and categorization by size and different properties.
  • Legal formalities such as document generation similar to offers and reservation form from a single click.
  • With Outlook and Google Mail, synchronized Activity administration and email track.
  • Rich, real time reports and dashboards.


Assessments of facilities continuously with a devoted application for Android and iOS tablets, comprising of GPS coordinates camera integration, and offline or online synchronization through GPRS or Wifi.

  • Statement generation of Client’s account automatically.
  • Grant access to data on tablets and phone to field investigation staff.
  • Capture investigation data in light of pre-outlined agendas.
  • Track areas, times, and length of assessment through GPS.
  • Issue fines, notification, or notices on the spot utilizing compact Bluetooth printers.


Remain consistent with full KYC data and legitimacy, inclusive of point by point data yearly or more several times. With the usage of automated conditional approvals and workflows, accelerate the new and existing client’sapprovals.

  • Information about submission, approval and renewal process of client.
  • Adequate audit trail On Every client action and information.

Customer Portal

Enhance website with customer portal consisting with request, client profile, account statement, etc.

  • Use of mobile app credentials for robust and secure client access.
  • Anytime access from anyplace.
  • Tailored and appropriately branded.