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Why did Salesforce root its business in the cloud?


Why did Salesforce root its business in the cloud?

Salesforce was born cloud. Back in 1999, it was difficult to digest but, for the sake of agility, innovation and responsiveness for users; Cloud Computing was the best option [1].

To prove its point Salesforce compares Cloud Computing with on-premise technology as shown below:

Description: http://www.techilaservices.com/techilla-oldsite/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/TraditionalVsCloudComputing.png

Also, Salesforce explains the benefits of Cloud Computing with an Apartment Building example. Here we go..

In an Apartment Building we get dedicated space and share some of the resources, such as, power, water, elevator, corridors, etc. All these are taken care by someone else. Similarly, in Cloud Computing we share resources, such as, networks, servers, storage, etc [2]. Again all these are taken care by someone else so that we can focus on what matters most to our business and definitely not on the IT related issues.


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Courtesy: Abhijeet Purohit

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