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Schema Builder in Salesforce


Schema Builder in Salesforce

Schema Builder provides a dynamic environment for viewing and modifying all the objects and relationships in app. This greatly simplifies the task of designing, implementing, and modifying your data model, or schema.

Schema Builder provides details like the field values, required fields, and how objects are related by displaying lookup and master-detail relationships. It is possible to view the fields and relationships for both standard and custom objects.

Schema Builder is enabled by default and lets you add the following to your schema:

  1. Custom objects
  2. Lookup relationships
  3. Master-detail relationships


Fields of the following types:

  1. Auto Number
  2. Formula
  3. Roll-up Summary
  4. Checkbox
  5. Currency
  6. Date
  7. Date/Time
  8. Email
  9. Number
  10. Percent
  11. Phone
  12. Picklist
  13. Picklist (Multi-Select)
  14. Text
  15. Text (Encrypted)
  16. Text Area
  17. Long Text Area
  18. Rich Text Area
  19. URL


Where is Schema Builder Located ?

Goto Setup > Quick Find/Search Box > Type Schema Builder > Select Schema Builder from the search results


Goto Setup > Build > Schema Builder

( Salesforce suggests us to use Quick Find/Search Box)

Schema builder is currently supported in all Salesforce supported browsers except for Internet Explorer 6.  For organizations with large amounts of custom objects and fields, it is recommended to use a browser other than Internet Explorer for best performance.

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