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How To Send Mass Email in Salesforce

How To Send Mass Email in Salesforce

Mass email in salesforce is not designed to be an email marketing solution. Here in email distribution lists we have contacts,Leads,person accounts, or users that are accessible to your user in Using this feature we can send mass email in salesforce up to a maximum of 1,000 external email addresses per day and the number of external  email address per day and the number of external email address in your list is dependent on our Salesforce edition. We can send unlimited mass email to internal users in


Before sending mass email in salesforce check the following point

  1. For use with mass emails,we have to create email templates using plain text or HTML (With and Without Letterhead) which includes records specific data via merge fields , graphics and attachments.
  2. Mass email can be sent immediately or scheduled for delivery.
  • User can view and cancel mass email they schedule by clicking Setup=> Email=> My Mass Emails.
  • Administrator can view and cancel mass emails scheduled by all user in their organization by clicking Setup=> Monitoring=> Mass email.






In salesforce .com  we can send mass email to contacts, leads, salesforce user. For ex. We want to send mass email for a person contact then we to navigate to contact or cases tab and click on mass email contact. To send mass email to leads go to leads tab and click on mass email leads link.

Points to be noticed while sending mass email in salesforce:

  • The “from” email fields is automatically generated with the sending user email address and can not be changed
  • You can not send a mass email using visualforce email template.
  • has some issues with whitelisting of mass email that may cause your mail to in up in the recipients spam folder.


If our organization has more complex mass email requirements or needs to send very large volumes of mail, we have to go for one of the many mass email application available on the Appexchange. Pricing typically depend upon volume but these application do offer some attractive feature such as the ability use predesigned templates, easily build segment list, track post-launch statistics (opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribe, etc) and opt-in/out management all from within



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