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System Overview in Salesforce


System Overview in Salesforce

Salesforce shows usage data and limits for your organization, and displays messages when you reach 95% of your limit. This information is displayed in the System Overview Page of Salesforce. Out of the displayed limits it also shows how many resources at present being used.

The primary function of System Overview is to display your current Salesforce usage. Out of the maximum permissible resources that you are allowed to use, how much are you currently using?

The System Overview is available in your Setup area on the left hand top, just below Home. The information displayed in System Overview is shown in the following sections –

  1. Schema (Custom Objects and Data Storage)
  2. API Usage
  3. Business Logic (Number of Apex Triggers, Number of Apex Classes, % of space used by code used, number of workflow rules)
  4. User Interface (Number of apps, number of tabs, Visualforce pages, Active Force.Com Sites)
  5. Licenses (licenses used vs licenses available)
  6. Portal Roles

Where is System Overview ?

Goto Setup > Quick Find/Search Box > Type System Overview > Select System Overview from the search results


Goto  Setup > Monitor > System Overview

(Salesforce suggests us to use Quick Find Box)

Click the numbers under each metric to get more details about your usage.

System Overview

From each of these sections, you can click on a link to get more details on your usage. The main benefit of this feature is that at one place the administrator can get a quick view of all the storage limits, and how is the organization placed with respect to total available resources.

If for any feature your usage is close to maximum permissible limit, then you can click on the Checkout link to make an online purchase.

On top of the home page, the user can view a summary of System Overview warnings. A warning is displayed if the usage exceeds 95% of permitted limit.

Administrators and Management Executives responsible for Salesforce may find this new feature useful in budgetary planning.


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