What are the top features of Salesforce Sales Cloud?
Salesforce sales cloud is one of the efficacious tool that helps you to manage and increase sales and profits of your organization.
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What are the top features of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud

What are the top features of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the fastest growing CRM (customer relationship management) platform that is created to assist sales, marketing, and customer assistance in both the conditions, B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer).

Salesforce App Cloud:

App Cloud is an add-on of Salesforce1 that is the best capability to bring social, mobile and the cloud platforms jointly for enterprise developers. This combined architecture is the process of increasing size of Heroku developer platform and Salesforce lightning mobile framework for providing combined development experience. App cloud enables developers to concentrate on developing solutions rather than any infrastructure.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud


Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Distinction:

Sales Cloud is the term used for “Sales” module in Salesforce.com. It involves the following:

  • Leads, quotes, accounts, Pricebooks, contacts, products, opportunities, contracts and the campaigns
  • Different kinds of characteristics such as web-to-lead for assisting online lead capture with the auto-response rules.
  • Structured to be the start-to-end setup for whole sales process which is of great help to create decent revenue.

Service cloud on another side, is termed as the service module present in Salesforce.com. It incorporates the following:

  • Accounts, solutions, contacts, cases, etc.
  • Another features like web-to-case, Public Knowledge Base, a self-service portal, call center and also the customer service automation for example-assignment rules, escalation rules, etc.
  • Created to enable you for assisting past, future and current clients’ requests for support with a product, service, billing, etc. In short, it is for making people happy.

Top 5 features of Sales Cloud:

As the global leader in Salesforce development, we have listed the essential elements of sales cloud.

#1 Integrated sales & service:

It empowers the sales and service teams in controlling, capturing and sharing any service related issues. It also enables the sales and service reports with the approach to knowledge content concerning the service request. It also empowers to get real-time insight into service performance by resorting to reports that are prebuilt.

#2 Salesforce conversion:

This feature helps in augmenting unified, the entire set of leads-to-contract sales tools. It also empowers the sales teams through mobile applications, the customer as a whole 360 and sales team cooperation. It even persuades a customer to buy something extra through white space analytics.

#3 Controlling the sales performance:

This feature helps to enhance sales by different rewards, performance strategy. It is also meant to give support for various incentive schemes to business policy.

#4 Controlling customer data:

This feature helps in sharing of entire data with numerous systems for quick decision making. It also helps to develop the right master profile from multiple sources that everyone believes.

#5 Combined CX platform:

This feature helps in securing your brand with tight security and also great authenticity. It is designed according to CX Suite for your organization.

Summing up:

In short, Salesforce sales cloud is one of the efficacious tool that helps you to manage and increase sales and profits of your organization.

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