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What is Site.com?


What is Site.com?

Site.com is a Web content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to build dynamic, data driven Web pages quickly, edit content in real time, and manage your websites. From the Site.com tab in the Site.com app, it is possible to launch Site.com Studio, which provides a separate, dedicated environment for creating and editing pixel perfect, custom websites. Site administrators and designers can create and style Web pages, and add features such as navigation menus, images, and text areas using drag and drop page elements, while ensuring the site’s pages match the look and feel of the company’s brand. And content contributors, such as marketing users, can browse and update website content directly in a simplified Site.com Studio environment. Additionally, websites built with Site.com benefit from running on Salesforce’s trusted global infrastructure.

For developers, Site.com provides the tools to build, deploy, and scale stunning web sites with:

  • 24x7x365 availability
  • Easy Force.com data consumption
  • Customizable content management
  • Reusable templates and components
  • Transparent shared, secure, and scaleable infrastructure


The following examples illustrate a few ways to use Site.com:

  • Post company press releases—Publish your company’s press releases and sort by publication date.
  • Promote new products—Launch new products into the market with a promotional website that helps drive sales.
  • Publish a support FAQ—Provide helpful information on a public website where customers can view solutions to their issues.
  • Create micro sites and landing pages—Create temporary landing pages or targeted microsites for marketing campaigns.
  • Create a recruiting website—Post job openings to a public site and allow visitors to submit applications and resumes.
  • Create an event site—Advertise upcoming events, such as grand openings, launches, or sales kick-offs on a public event site.
  • Publish a catalog of products—List all of your company’s products on a public website, with model numbers and current prices pulled dynamically from your organization.


Site.com’s intuitive interface makes most of the work in building professional web sites easy. Plus, there are no servers, software, or database to manage, and your site automatically leverages to the global network of salesforce.com servers (CDN) to serve up your content quickly.

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